Warehouse doors – tips for buying

porte per magazzino - Warehouse doors

How to Choose the Best Closures for Your Warehouse

Choosing the best stockroom door for our business is not a simple task. However, the technology of the Trivellato s.r.l. Comes to our aid, offering us several possible solutions.

The Velo Pack closures

Velo Pack doors are robust fast-packing doors with a simple and functional locking system. For this reason they are particularly suitable for industrial activities. Also, they do not need frequent maintenance.
Velo Pack warehouse doors are available in a variety of models: Atex Velo Pack closures are equipped with a certified technology suitable for transit for high explosive environments; The Pack GD model can be installed on large openings; Carroponte is designed for use in environments with crane passage; The Velo and Flexi Roll doors are equipped with portholes to ensure maximum visibility and are able to adapt to the extremely rigid temperatures in the refrigerating cells.

Sectional, book, REI and flap doors

The sectional doors feature very thick insulated steel panels with vertical sliding hinges. They have a small footprint and ensure quiet operation, which is particularly suitable for civil use (garage, private homes) and industrial (warehouses, loading and unloading points, logistics centers). The book stands stand out to be easily adaptable and robust, while REI devices are fire door fire doors and doors made in accordance with current regulations. They are usually installed near warehouses, warehouses, parking lots and wherever there may be a risk of a fire.
Finally, the flap door allows you to isolate different environments within a building in an easy and cost-effective manner, allowing a fluid transit of goods and personnel.

Crane doors: because they are needed in specific environments

porte carroponte Crane doors

What are the crawler machines?

Crawler machines are typical of certain working environments and have the primary purpose of lifting and transporting goods.
Generally, they are used in particular environments in which they are concerned with the displacement of large quantities of bulky materials and considerable weight. Being characterized by fairly large dimensions, their presence presupposes suitable environments to accommodate them and where they can move easily and with respect to the safety of workers. For this reason, the heights of these environments must also be consonant and appropriate to those which are the movements provided by this type of machinery.

Crane doors

To simplify and facilitate work in environments where this particular type of machine is expected, special crawler doors must be installed, with the primary aim of allowing a simple and easy passage of these machines.
The choice of closures in these environments is particularly important as they should not only serve as divisional dividing walls, but also have the task of simplifying all actions involving continuous displacement of crawler machines.

Suitable solutions

Trivellato offers different types of crane doors to meet the most diverse needs. Specifically, the company offers a type of Velo Pack packing type designed to be inserted into environments where there is a crane, and in cases where larger closures are required, a GD version is available (big dimensions). Trivellato Crawler Doors allow the machine to open open and can be used to divide the spaces inside the environment in which they are placed. Do not underestimate the aesthetic factor: even in this case, the eye wants its part, and the Vive Pack Trivellato Cargo Ports are customizable and available in a wide range of colors.

Velo Pack Big Dimensions

portoni grandi dimensioni -

Solutions for industrial production

In the field of industrial production, especially when it comes to facilitating operations and making any work available more widely, many aspects need to be considered.

Benefits deriving from the application of large doors

In particular, when it comes to large-scale manufacturing, freight transport, and so on, it is very important to evaluate, study and design all possible solutions that can help ease and make production more productive.
Specifically, it is of utmost importance to install adequate closures, especially when it comes to large doors.
In choosing an industrial door, it is good to rely on specialized companies in the industry, the only ones that can guide the choice towards the most appropriate direction for the specific needs that may arise.

To whom to turn

With regard to large closures, Trivellato offers a highly specialized and performing product: Velo Pack GD.
Velo pack is the new and innovative solution created specifically for large compartments and designed for areas where vehicle transit is ongoing throughout the day.
A Velo pack system is equipped with an electrical cabinet that allows the guided operation with a dedicated emergency and blinker system to detect and indicate all the movements of the door itself.
The system is made up of a simple dragging system by means of belts, which allows the installation of this type of closure in any type of fabric.
The automatic opening speed of the door may vary from 0.40 to 0.75 m / s; This average speed has been set up to allow all operations to be carried out in complete safety.
The material from which these closures are generally made is PVC, which gives them the ability to be totally self-extinguishing and flame-retardant, a feature that is of great importance in the industrial production sector.

Production industrial doors and industrial doors for each use

produzione portoni - Production industrial doors

Functionality, practicality and safety

These are the fundamental characteristics that must necessarily possess an industrial closure. Through the use of advanced technologies, Trivellato srl is able to guarantee to each customer tailor-made industrial fasteners, perfect for various uses. The technical office doors production company is on hand to answer all the needs, being able to realize also – on request – a graphic rendering of the final result.

Production doors and installation on-site in Italy and abroad

Garage, industrial and commercial premises warehouses, a catalog of doors and closures is extremely rich and varied. The technical team of the company – with many years of experience – is ready to deliver turnkey an almost “perfect industrial closure”, all in compliance with rules on safety and environmental protection. The competent staff of the company is also involved, of all the installation of the product, both in Italy and abroad. Depending on the physical characteristics of the destination port of the industrial site, they are used specially equipped means. Even in the case where the customer wants to ensure themselves to assembly of the product, the company can make available to an attendant to provide assistance on site.

In case of problems

Drilled Ltd. provides after-sales service in the event of a malfunction or inconvenience up to 4 hours after installation of the closure. Still, to ensure that industrial closure could last as long as possible – in spite of wear and weather – it is important to agree with the manufacturer scheduled maintenance, to be performed in compliance with the characteristics of the product and of the places where he was installed. And when replacements are necessary, it is vital to use only genuine replacement parts sold by the company itself.

Strip curtains: how and where to use them


What are

The strip curtains are flexible closures in transparent PVC with support comb galvanized or stainless steel, which allows the oscillation of 90 ° in both directions to facilitate all types of transit. Each strip is individually applied to facilitate subsequent maintenance and replacement operations.
This type of industrial closure is expressly designed to separate one from the other environment where it is necessary a continuous and smooth movement of people, materials, equipment or vehicles, from industrial to food sector.

Advantages of strip curtains

The striped awnings in Trivellato Srl PVC are an efficient system of thermal insulation, acoustic and even hygiene among staff passageways, such as those of supermarkets. The latter represent a typical field of use of the product, which acts as a barrier between the various sales departments and the accompanying technical laboratories (butcher, fish, etc.). Despite the effect of separation between an environment and the other, the transparency of the PVC allows to maintain excellent levels of brightness and visibility; the high flexibility of the material also allows quick and easy passage of people, vehicles and goods. The striped awnings, yet does not require special maintenance, low temperatures are durable and extremely resistant, shock and abrasion.

Applications and colors available

The curtains in PVC strips are the best solution for different types of industrial and commercial environments. Places like warehouses, laboratories, food industries are considered among the main product application areas, particularly suitable for places where it is necessary to maintain low temperatures. In addition to the smoothness of personal passages and merchandise, these tents are also attractive from an aesthetic point of view, and give consumers a chance to look over the retail space to ensure their “transparency” of the processing of goods. They are produced with flexible transparent PVC, white, gray RAL 7040 or other colors extruded with rounded corners.

Self-repairing doors Flexi Roll

Self-repairing doors Flexi Roll - porte autoriparanti

Self-repairing doors Flexi Roll

The doors Flexi Roll proposals from Trivellato Srl rapid roll doors are self-repairing, made according to the latest technology. The innovative element that distinguishes them from other industrial doors as Velo and Velo Roll Pack lies in sliding system, which is via hinges on a rail polizene high molecular density and self-lubricating. Being extremely flexible and free of rigid elements, the fabric by a Flexi Roll is perfectly able to repair itself and to return, in the event of leakage, in their guides; all allows an easy and silent sliding. The self-healing properties also ensures a significant reduction in recovery time, thus favoring an increase in the productivity of the company and staff.

Flexi Roll: possible applications

The self-repairing doors Flexi Roll allow various applications: warehouses, laboratories, industry, car washes, food industry. They are especially indicated for environments in which it is necessary that the subjective exploited to best production times, since it does not require particular maintenance; thanks to the high flow velocity (over 2m / s), time-saving and also avoid heat loss between rooms. The self-repairing doors Flexi Roll are customizable: they can be easily adapted to any environment or building thanks to their space-saving measures, and in many cases can also be used as emergency exits with cutting t on the cloth or as rescue UPS. Available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to insert company logos and information.

Safety and functionality: Choose Flexi Roll

The self-repairing doors Rapid roll Flexi Roll are a safe and reliable choice for industrial doors of your company. Built in line with the current regulations and to the highest standards, the Flexi Roll are meticulous in detail right from the planning stages. Contact us now for more information: Trivellato Srl will certainly guide you towards the best choice.

Doors Atex, a fast and secure locking system

porte atex - doors atex

An all-Italian technology

Compared to the standard, the new Atex speed folding doors are the result of numerous studies and experiments carried out in collaboration with members of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee, which enabled their implementation in accordance with European Directive 94/9 / EC on the safety of environments potentially explosive. Studied in order to solve problems due to fast and continuous transits, these ports are designed so that they can work well in both saturated gas environments, both in saturated dust environments, eliminating all or most of the possible risks.

Why install Atex doors?

This product is proposed by the Trivellato for all kinds of industrial environments where there may be potentially explosive gas or dust. Equipped with a fast and efficient locking system, it allows you to completely isolate the environment at risk from the rest of the building, minimizing the potential risks due to the production, or the presence in the production process, explosive substances. In addition, it is ideal for environments such as laboratories, where there is a continuous and intensive passage of goods and people and where it is necessary that the doors work well and without the need for special maintenance.

The advantages of the new Atex doors

This new type of speed folding doors, developed through a technology and certified according to European directives, represents the highest level of security for at-risk of explosion due to the presence of gas or dust environments. The resistant and robust materials used allow an intensive and continuous use of this type of window, ensuring at all times an absolute reliability and a closing speed that prevents the spread of potentially explosive gases and powders. Also the fact that they are not necessary building work or ground facilities allows its inclusion in any building and working environment. A further advantage is given by the possibility of inserting transparent panels that allow both the passage of light that the control of the part of the assigned personnel environments.

High speed doors fold up doors – Velo pack

high speed doors fold up doors

Innovation throughout Italian

The Italian ingenuity and creativity are known and loved around the world. The world of industry, both at the level of large multinational companies and at the level of small and medium-sized enterprises, requires rapid, advanced machinery and solutions adaptable to different fields of application. Drilled S.r.l is characterized by the constant search for new answers to the structural needs of the industry. The design and construction of various types of industrial doors is one of its strengths. High speed doors fold up doors are an interesting innovation to be taken into consideration as are suitable for any type of environment or manufactured even with large rooms and environments containing potentially explosive atmosphere.

Doors packing robust and durable

Designed to store, composting plants and any type of buildings requiring rapid closure system, the doors to packaging allow the transit of vehicles safely and with a minimum control. The mantle is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they are sturdy and durable, equipped with fire retardant properties and highly resistant to extreme environmental conditions. The advantages of these closures are numerous: they are motorized, equipped with two or more transparent portholes files according to the wishes of the customer, highly customizable, they can be controlled from the control cabinet or via multiple control devices and last but not least, easy installation.

Avant-garde and worker protection

An example of efficiency and safety are the closures Velo Pack Atex. Until recently, the motorized doors were difficult to install in Atex environments as the electric part was obstacle for safety; The doors fold-Velo Pack Atex are designed to solve the problem and allow the closure of high-explosive environments: The term refers to two Atex safety regulations of the European Community which establish precise parameters for the realization of industrial components in the presence gas, mists and dusts unstable. Even with large rooms, very large buildings or bridge crane, you have suitable closures equipped, if necessary, by two powerplants. Attention to detail and final finishing is also visible in the palette of vibrant colors offered to the attention of the buyer.

Industrial closures and more on Trivellato blog!


Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Trivellato s.r.l. blog, a company active in the field of industrial doors. Our blog will allow you to keep up to date on any news related to our industry and to our company, we will not miss a detail, and accompany you in choosing the right product for you. On the blog you can also find more information about our products, their features, their advantages and fields of application.
Here you can read articles of a general nature relating to this area, to provide a broader overview of the field in which we work.

Our proposals for industrial doors

In our blog we will present our products and show you all their possible applications and details. Trivellato s.r.l. offers a wide range of industrial doors, suitable for large companies and for small to medium businesses, such as to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Our product ranges from folding industrial doors or sectional doors from rapid doors with sliding pvc curtains and mobile or fixed covers. Other leading products are the high-speed doors, fold up doors, roll up and self repairing doors. They are suitable for a continuous use and do not require special maintenance. As for the interiors of buildings or warehouses, we offer fire rated doors certified made of fireproof material.

Our company

Trivellato srl is the province of Padua near Venice. Thanks to a specialized project office, we are able to offer specific and customized solutions, which will then be manufactured and installed by our skilled operators. We offer professionalism, security and reliability, thanks to the expertise of our technicians and operators. A company that combines tradition and innovation, looking to the future with the continuous search for new technologies, but always respecting tradition.
This “operational recipe” guarantees high quality standards and production is constantly growing.

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