Large rooms and industrial doors

Among the industrial closures that can be used for large compartments, several large doors and similar solutions can be considered. When referring to large industrial compartments and doors, it is impossible not to mention crane, mobile covers, bookcases, sliding curtains and Velo Pack. Each of these industrial closures is characterized by specific features and can be used in Different contexts.

Velo Pack and Crane

The Velo Pack is one of the most popular solutions among industrial closures for large compartments: this is a packing door that can guarantee excellent performance both from the point of view of resistance and the reliability of the closure itself; The ability to customize this type of door allows you to adapt the Velo Pack to any compartment. Among the models available is the Velo Pack Carroponte, a closure conceived precisely for the large compartments with a crane: this allows the passage of the crane and is often used to divide the various spaces into industrial warehouses.

Mobile covers, book stands and sliding curtains

Mobile covers, often used as an independent structure, can be positioned at a large compartment to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. A complete and versatile solution at the same time is that of bookcases: this industrial closure, as well as providing a high resistance, can reach significant dimensions and be chosen for the largest compartments; The versatility of the bookcases is also given by the ability to customize the door with finishes, accessories and windows. Finally, you can opt for an economical solution by choosing to close the large compartment with a PVC sliding curtain: reinforced and equipped with a windshield structure, sliding curtains allow you to open and close the space enclosed by the large compartment.