Why Use industrial folding door

If you have large openings, if you have to handle large spaces, if you need to put windows and portholes to improve indoor / outdoor visibility, and vice versa, if you also need a certain ease of maintenance and use, There is no doubt about it: the most suitable solution is the use of book gates.

Features and Benefits

Let’s find out together what are the features and advantages of Trivellato Srl’s bookcases: adaptability to the most diverse dimensions according to an ad hoc modular design; The great versatility guaranteed by the availability of a wide range of finishes and colors; The unmatched robustness ensured by the use of high quality materials.
But we go into more details of some of the technical specifications that characterize the products: the thickness of the doors formed by two galvanized steel sheets ranging from 52 to 82 mm guarantees the customization of the modules according to their specific uses; The morphology of the internal structure, consisting of galvanized steel tubes, gives strength to the modular elements that make up the door; Rubber side gaskets and PVC upper and lower brushes ensure sealing and ease of use, while book scroll optimization and silent handling are assured by 4-wheeled nylon carts moving on Dust proof ball bearings.

Fields of application

Specifically, the folding door proposed by Trivellato Srl are their field of application in the industrial realities, in the space management of large rooms and in favor of logistic operations involving warehouses.
Solutions designed specifically for each type of intervention and customer’s need find innovation and research policy, value-for-money optimization and high-quality standards as the foundation.