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Mobile closures

chiusure mobili - Mobile closures

What closures for composting plants?

Special contexts such as composting plants require the installation of industrial closures with specific features.
Trivellato Srl offers various solutions in this regard, each suitable for this specific use. Here are some examples!

Mobile closures and more

Velo Pack is a last-generation mobile cover, whose main advantages lie at closing speed as well as adaptability to different types of structures; Fully PVC, it guarantees weather resistance over time. These covers are also built according to UNI EN 13241-1: 2001.
The Velo Pack Atex version is the best solution (Directive 94/9 / EC) for a motor for those who have to resort to continuous movements of materials. Velo GD Pack – large size – represents the best solution for large amplitude inputs; Lastly, there is a Velo Pack version with packing door designed for crawler environments, both in standard size and in large dimensions.
All these solutions are suitable for composting the products.
In the specific case of composting shells, three other alternatives are offered: sectional doors, moving covers and sliding curtains. The first are solid and robust steel closures; They guarantee silence during operation and good thermal insulation from the outside, can be used for both garage and home and department stores.
Mobile closures are ideal for storing goods both fixed and mobile, and are perfect for loading or unloading.
Sliding curtains are the cheapest solution; Made of PVC material, they facilitate both closing and opening through vats of different sizes.

Trivellato signed personalized closures

All the solutions offered by Trivellato are customizable. The choice, both in terms of cover types and in terms of customization options, is very varied: according to the specific requirements, it is possible to choose the most suitable product types to provide the composting of the best possible closure    !

Large industrial doors: optimal solutions for large rooms

porte industriali grandi vani

Large rooms and industrial doors

Among the industrial closures that can be used for large compartments, several large doors and similar solutions can be considered. When referring to large industrial compartments and doors, it is impossible not to mention crane, mobile covers, bookcases, sliding curtains and Velo Pack. Each of these industrial closures is characterized by specific features and can be used in Different contexts.

Velo Pack and Crane

The Velo Pack is one of the most popular solutions among industrial closures for large compartments: this is a packing door that can guarantee excellent performance both from the point of view of resistance and the reliability of the closure itself; The ability to customize this type of door allows you to adapt the Velo Pack to any compartment. Among the models available is the Velo Pack Carroponte, a closure conceived precisely for the large compartments with a crane: this allows the passage of the crane and is often used to divide the various spaces into industrial warehouses.

Mobile covers, book stands and sliding curtains

Mobile covers, often used as an independent structure, can be positioned at a large compartment to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. A complete and versatile solution at the same time is that of bookcases: this industrial closure, as well as providing a high resistance, can reach significant dimensions and be chosen for the largest compartments; The versatility of the bookcases is also given by the ability to customize the door with finishes, accessories and windows. Finally, you can opt for an economical solution by choosing to close the large compartment with a PVC sliding curtain: reinforced and equipped with a windshield structure, sliding curtains allow you to open and close the space enclosed by the large compartment.

Strip curtains: how and where to use them


What are

The strip curtains are flexible closures in transparent PVC with support comb galvanized or stainless steel, which allows the oscillation of 90 ° in both directions to facilitate all types of transit. Each strip is individually applied to facilitate subsequent maintenance and replacement operations.
This type of industrial closure is expressly designed to separate one from the other environment where it is necessary a continuous and smooth movement of people, materials, equipment or vehicles, from industrial to food sector.

Advantages of strip curtains

The striped awnings in Trivellato Srl PVC are an efficient system of thermal insulation, acoustic and even hygiene among staff passageways, such as those of supermarkets. The latter represent a typical field of use of the product, which acts as a barrier between the various sales departments and the accompanying technical laboratories (butcher, fish, etc.). Despite the effect of separation between an environment and the other, the transparency of the PVC allows to maintain excellent levels of brightness and visibility; the high flexibility of the material also allows quick and easy passage of people, vehicles and goods. The striped awnings, yet does not require special maintenance, low temperatures are durable and extremely resistant, shock and abrasion.

Applications and colors available

The curtains in PVC strips are the best solution for different types of industrial and commercial environments. Places like warehouses, laboratories, food industries are considered among the main product application areas, particularly suitable for places where it is necessary to maintain low temperatures. In addition to the smoothness of personal passages and merchandise, these tents are also attractive from an aesthetic point of view, and give consumers a chance to look over the retail space to ensure their “transparency” of the processing of goods. They are produced with flexible transparent PVC, white, gray RAL 7040 or other colors extruded with rounded corners.