Industrial doors agricultural storage and animal shelter

In order to preserve fodder or cattle, it is necessary to use effective, robust structures that can withstand weather conditions. An important component of warehouses, remittances and sheltering are the closures: they should first ensure the maximum opening speed in these types of environments, characterized by frequent passages for continuous freight-loading operations. Locks and gates for agricultural storage and animal shelter also have the function of allowing adequate light transmission inside the building and a perfect visibility both from the inside and from the outside.

Types of closures and gates for farm storages and animal shelter

Trivellato Srl proposes four different types of closures and covers for agricultural storage and livestock housing, in order to meet different needs. The main closures are Velo Pack packing doors and sectional doors. The first closures, thanks to a fast opening and closing system, are able to facilitate frequent and rapid transit. This makes them particularly suitable for agricultural storage warehouses. Sectional doors, suitable for both storage and animal storage, are durable and feature thermal insulation: thermal dispersion between environments is thus avoided, contributing to the welfare of livestock inside the stables and improving productivity.

Shelters, tents and sheds

The mobile covers are made of a modular support structure made of galvanized steel and a PVC cover. Independent and self-supporting, they do not require building concession; They can be mobile or fixed. Extremely suitable for storing farms, make freight loading and unloading fast and safe. Sliding curtains, made up of a PVC towel with reinforcement tubes, are a practical and economical solution for opening and closing, when needed, shelves and warehouses of various sizes; They resist the sun and the wind.