Safe working: guarantees trivellato s.r.l.

Working under optimum conditions is a worker’s right: Trivellato designs and tests the best industrial locking systems that ensure perfect efficiency and protect the well-being of the company at all levels. The premises for the storage of goods or the parking and transit of vehicles, the laboratories and the various departments where the company is structured often require the presence of REI doors and gates with the necessary national certifications in this area. Every industrial, small and large size reality corresponds to a type of personalized closure that creates a protective barrier in the event of a fire.

REI gates and doors: resistance, seal and insulation

REI is the acronym of the three French words that qualify the so-called firefighter doors: mechanical strength, flue gas and combustion gases inside the room where the fire has developed, thermal insulation. Technically updated research on the basis of the results obtained in Europe and overseas concerning accident and fire protection has allowed Trivellato to study appropriate solutions even in the presence of explosive atmospheres (ATEX). After a possible check-up, REI doors and doors are approved to withstand 60, 120 or 180 minutes under the action of flames and toxic gases without deforming.

Excellent stability, modern and functional design

When it is not possible to install sliding fire doors, one or two swing doors REI represent the appropriate response to the required performance type. Closing occurs automatically, after the alarm signal, by the central control or by means of a thermocouple from any position taken. The doors are equipped with 3 hinges on ball bearings (one is spring-loaded for self-closing), cylinder lock, double handle and thermoswitch gaskets. When temperatures rise sharply, self-extinguishing gaskets naturally expand but do not lose sealant capacity, do not move and prevent the spread of harmful fumes. Doors and fire doors are technologically lifelike superheroes if they are made with state-of-the-art materials and are carefully and passionately installed by experienced personnel.