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Industrial doors agricultural sheds for storage and animal shelter

portoni capannoni - Industrial doors

Industrial doors agricultural storage and animal shelter

In order to preserve fodder or cattle, it is necessary to use effective, robust structures that can withstand weather conditions. An important component of warehouses, remittances and sheltering are the closures: they should first ensure the maximum opening speed in these types of environments, characterized by frequent passages for continuous freight-loading operations. Locks and gates for agricultural storage and animal shelter also have the function of allowing adequate light transmission inside the building and a perfect visibility both from the inside and from the outside.

Types of closures and gates for farm storages and animal shelter

Trivellato Srl proposes four different types of closures and covers for agricultural storage and livestock housing, in order to meet different needs. The main closures are Velo Pack packing doors and sectional doors. The first closures, thanks to a fast opening and closing system, are able to facilitate frequent and rapid transit. This makes them particularly suitable for agricultural storage warehouses. Sectional doors, suitable for both storage and animal storage, are durable and feature thermal insulation: thermal dispersion between environments is thus avoided, contributing to the welfare of livestock inside the stables and improving productivity.

Shelters, tents and sheds

The mobile covers are made of a modular support structure made of galvanized steel and a PVC cover. Independent and self-supporting, they do not require building concession; They can be mobile or fixed. Extremely suitable for storing farms, make freight loading and unloading fast and safe. Sliding curtains, made up of a PVC towel with reinforcement tubes, are a practical and economical solution for opening and closing, when needed, shelves and warehouses of various sizes; They resist the sun and the wind.

REI doors, which are essential for your safety

porte rei - REI doors

Safe working: guarantees trivellato s.r.l.

Working under optimum conditions is a worker’s right: Trivellato designs and tests the best industrial locking systems that ensure perfect efficiency and protect the well-being of the company at all levels. The premises for the storage of goods or the parking and transit of vehicles, the laboratories and the various departments where the company is structured often require the presence of REI doors and gates with the necessary national certifications in this area. Every industrial, small and large size reality corresponds to a type of personalized closure that creates a protective barrier in the event of a fire.

REI gates and doors: resistance, seal and insulation

REI is the acronym of the three French words that qualify the so-called firefighter doors: mechanical strength, flue gas and combustion gases inside the room where the fire has developed, thermal insulation. Technically updated research on the basis of the results obtained in Europe and overseas concerning accident and fire protection has allowed Trivellato to study appropriate solutions even in the presence of explosive atmospheres (ATEX). After a possible check-up, REI doors and doors are approved to withstand 60, 120 or 180 minutes under the action of flames and toxic gases without deforming.

Excellent stability, modern and functional design

When it is not possible to install sliding fire doors, one or two swing doors REI represent the appropriate response to the required performance type. Closing occurs automatically, after the alarm signal, by the central control or by means of a thermocouple from any position taken. The doors are equipped with 3 hinges on ball bearings (one is spring-loaded for self-closing), cylinder lock, double handle and thermoswitch gaskets. When temperatures rise sharply, self-extinguishing gaskets naturally expand but do not lose sealant capacity, do not move and prevent the spread of harmful fumes. Doors and fire doors are technologically lifelike superheroes if they are made with state-of-the-art materials and are carefully and passionately installed by experienced personnel.

Mobile closures

chiusure mobili - Mobile closures

What closures for composting plants?

Special contexts such as composting plants require the installation of industrial closures with specific features.
Trivellato Srl offers various solutions in this regard, each suitable for this specific use. Here are some examples!

Mobile closures and more

Velo Pack is a last-generation mobile cover, whose main advantages lie at closing speed as well as adaptability to different types of structures; Fully PVC, it guarantees weather resistance over time. These covers are also built according to UNI EN 13241-1: 2001.
The Velo Pack Atex version is the best solution (Directive 94/9 / EC) for a motor for those who have to resort to continuous movements of materials. Velo GD Pack – large size – represents the best solution for large amplitude inputs; Lastly, there is a Velo Pack version with packing door designed for crawler environments, both in standard size and in large dimensions.
All these solutions are suitable for composting the products.
In the specific case of composting shells, three other alternatives are offered: sectional doors, moving covers and sliding curtains. The first are solid and robust steel closures; They guarantee silence during operation and good thermal insulation from the outside, can be used for both garage and home and department stores.
Mobile closures are ideal for storing goods both fixed and mobile, and are perfect for loading or unloading.
Sliding curtains are the cheapest solution; Made of PVC material, they facilitate both closing and opening through vats of different sizes.

Trivellato signed personalized closures

All the solutions offered by Trivellato are customizable. The choice, both in terms of cover types and in terms of customization options, is very varied: according to the specific requirements, it is possible to choose the most suitable product types to provide the composting of the best possible closure    !

industrial folding door: Technical features

portoni a libro - folding door

Why Use industrial folding door

If you have large openings, if you have to handle large spaces, if you need to put windows and portholes to improve indoor / outdoor visibility, and vice versa, if you also need a certain ease of maintenance and use, There is no doubt about it: the most suitable solution is the use of book gates.

Features and Benefits

Let’s find out together what are the features and advantages of Trivellato Srl’s bookcases: adaptability to the most diverse dimensions according to an ad hoc modular design; The great versatility guaranteed by the availability of a wide range of finishes and colors; The unmatched robustness ensured by the use of high quality materials.
But we go into more details of some of the technical specifications that characterize the products: the thickness of the doors formed by two galvanized steel sheets ranging from 52 to 82 mm guarantees the customization of the modules according to their specific uses; The morphology of the internal structure, consisting of galvanized steel tubes, gives strength to the modular elements that make up the door; Rubber side gaskets and PVC upper and lower brushes ensure sealing and ease of use, while book scroll optimization and silent handling are assured by 4-wheeled nylon carts moving on Dust proof ball bearings.

Fields of application

Specifically, the folding door proposed by Trivellato Srl are their field of application in the industrial realities, in the space management of large rooms and in favor of logistic operations involving warehouses.
Solutions designed specifically for each type of intervention and customer’s need find innovation and research policy, value-for-money optimization and high-quality standards as the foundation.