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Large industrial doors: optimal solutions for large rooms

porte industriali grandi vani

Large rooms and industrial doors

Among the industrial closures that can be used for large compartments, several large doors and similar solutions can be considered. When referring to large industrial compartments and doors, it is impossible not to mention crane, mobile covers, bookcases, sliding curtains and Velo Pack. Each of these industrial closures is characterized by specific features and can be used in Different contexts.

Velo Pack and Crane

The Velo Pack is one of the most popular solutions among industrial closures for large compartments: this is a packing door that can guarantee excellent performance both from the point of view of resistance and the reliability of the closure itself; The ability to customize this type of door allows you to adapt the Velo Pack to any compartment. Among the models available is the Velo Pack Carroponte, a closure conceived precisely for the large compartments with a crane: this allows the passage of the crane and is often used to divide the various spaces into industrial warehouses.

Mobile covers, book stands and sliding curtains

Mobile covers, often used as an independent structure, can be positioned at a large compartment to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. A complete and versatile solution at the same time is that of bookcases: this industrial closure, as well as providing a high resistance, can reach significant dimensions and be chosen for the largest compartments; The versatility of the bookcases is also given by the ability to customize the door with finishes, accessories and windows. Finally, you can opt for an economical solution by choosing to close the large compartment with a PVC sliding curtain: reinforced and equipped with a windshield structure, sliding curtains allow you to open and close the space enclosed by the large compartment.

Sectional doors: a convenient resource

portoni sezionali - Sectional doors

A long-term investment

Trivellato S.r.l. Dedicates itself to industrial and civil closures without forgetting the passion and enthusiasm of the beginnings. The wide range of offers gives the customer the choice of product that suits their needs: both large and small and medium sized businesses require a different type of closure, appropriate to the size of the construction and the various types of services offered to public. Sectional doors are the perfect solution for closure of warehouses, storage centers, loading / unloading points, moving media environments, and all industrial logistic realities.

Sectional doors: utility and practicality at 360 °

Even small businesses with available warehouses and consequent supplies of materials and merchandise need a door model that allows access to the premises with as little space as possible: Vertical sliding sectional doors reach the set goals. The need for wide openings increases if the company is large in size, resulting in increased traffic of personnel and vehicles. Only after targeted on-site inspection, Trivellato specialists can design in-doors and realize 3D computer rendering (rendering) graphics to show to the customer along with an interesting customized quote.

Strong structures with an eye to aesthetics

The sectional door is made up of the mantle, the balancing helicoidal springs located in the arches and the sliding guides provided with gaskets. The horizontal panels that make up the mantle are often insulated steel, which guarantees excellent thermal insulation and an appreciable resistance to temperature fluctuations. The hinged panels run smoothly and smoothly in parallel to the walls with solid wheels, while sealing is on the floor and in the lintel. The sectional door moves manually or automatically at a distance: everything is done safely and with the least possible environmental impact. The constant technical installation and maintenance of the technical team guarantees functionality and durability over time. It guarantees Trivellato, an important sign in the industry of state-of-the-art industrial closures.

Load points – structure

punti di carico - Load points - structure

Freight loading and unloading: the most appropriate solution

Load points are systems designed to make loading and unloading operations more efficient by cooperating with three distinct elements: the isothermal portal, the loading ramp and the sectional door. A point of loading is essentially a linkage facility, within the logistics and logistics management of warehouses and transport, between indoor and outdoor environments, allowing safe and secure loading and unloading operations.

Parts of the loading points

The elements that contribute to forming a loading point play essential and distinct functions. The isothermal or sealing portal, above all, allows the “communication” between warehouse and automezzo; It offers timely and timely shelter to unloading / unloading personnel, while also protecting goods from atmospheric phenomena. In addition, it is able to avoid thermal dispersion between environments. The load ramp connects the floor of the warehouse to the floor of the car, allowing quick and safe goods loading and unloading. It can have a capacity of 6000 or 9000 kg. The sectional door closes the warehouse when no loading or unloading operations are in progress; Can be manual or motorized, and optionally integrated with one or more portholes from which you can observe the movements of the medium.

A safe investment

The loading points of Trivellato Srl are carried out according to high quality standards and in compliance with current regulations. They are equipped with an automatic safety device that can control the drop speed of the ramp when the truck is suddenly removed. The materials used in making these systems, such as rubber, PVC and galvanized steel, are durable and durable. For the color of the thermal portal can be chosen from gray, blue, yellow and cream.

The Importance of Industrial Door Installation

installazione porte industriali - Industrial doors

The industrial installation stage

The industrial door installation represents the last stage of creating an industrial door and follows the theoretical design phase and the practical implementation phase. The importance of this passage is even more important considering that this is the end of a long journey; For this reason, it is essential to complete the installation of an industrial door with extreme care and accuracy. Trivellato Srl pays particular attention to the installation phase, providing on-site support and continuous support to meet the most demanding requirements and needs.

The strategic importance of installing a door

Making industrial closures can be more or less delicate, depending on the specific conditions. The installation of industrial doors, in fact, can be a simple and straightforward passage or very complex and articulated. To minimize the difficulty and limit the required engagement, you can opt for a practical solution that will make the assembly step leaner; Among the many, we can mention the closure systems with packaging cloth. Alongside these, there are no simpler implementations to manage during the installation phase, but equally effective and safe over the long run. Regardless of the solution chosen, referring to professionals in the industry allows you to avail the best services and to achieve the desired result.

Investigating industrial doors in any context

The industrial gateway installation phase can be started and completed in the most disparate contexts, even in apparently critical contexts. Experience in the industry and the use of state-of-the-art equipment make it possible to mount industrial doors even in difficult conditions. Once again, the professionalism of companies specializing in industrial closures, such as Trivellato, offers the ability to successfully complete any project.

Industrial doors – some options available

portoni per capannoni industriali -Industrial doors - some options available

Sectional doors

The sectional doors are equipped with a solid closure, made of thick, insulated steel with hinged sliding doors. Among their peculiarities are the thermal insulation capacity, reduced space, silence and extreme versatility of use. The installation of these industrial industrial doors, in fact, is possible both in the light and on the outside of the compartment. Lifting is ensured by a complex twist-spring system and its use is protected by a double safety device that prevents the wear.
Sectional doors are used in locks for garages, private residences, warehouses, logistic centers and loading and unloading points. At customer’s discretion, these industrial industrial doors can be made either manually or remotely.

I take the book to you

Bookcases are equipped with a particularly robust closure and adaptable to any kind of environment, as well as one or more windows for the purpose of giving greater visibility from the inside.
The doors are made up of two galvanized steel sheets, as well as the internal structure; The brushes, on the other hand, are made of PVC and EPDM rubber gaskets. Bookcases are locks suitable for different types of warehouses and buildings.

The REI ports

REI doors are certified fire proofs and fire resistant REI 60/120/180. REI ports are required by law in all environments where there is a risk of fire: they are usually installed near stands, warehouses, car parks, warehouses and industries.
Each door is provided with three hinges: one of them contains a spring for self-closing. REI doors are made to high safety standards, regulated by UNI 9723 and the Ministerial Decree of 14/12/1993.

Velo Roll: Quick Rolling Doors

porte arrotolamento rapido

What are the fast Quick rolling doors?

Quick rolling doors, also known as Velo Roll doors, are a practical and innovative solution that is based on the winding of a towel around a support tube. Compared to previous generation Quick rolling doors compared to these, Velo Roll doors offer superior performance, particularly in terms of functionality and insulation. These doors can integrate a series of portholes, also distributed over multiple files, allowing excellent visuals from the inside to the outside environment and vice versa. Finally, using a specific insulation, quick-rolling doors can also be inserted even under low temperature conditions, up to -25 ° C. Velo Roll doors are built according to UNI EN 13241-1: 2001.

Which contexts do you use?

The versatility of the fast rolling system allows you to use the Velo Roll doors in the most diverse contexts. This solution is taken into account above all for industries and warehouses; At the same time, thanks to its specific features, a quick-rolling door can be inserted inside workshops and car wash. In general, Velo Roll doors are the ideal solution when you need to isolate an environment but not much space.

What are the benefits?

Quick rolling doors allow you to protect the indoor environment from pollution, specifically from the acoustic and atmospheric conditions. The Velo Roll hatch covers, in the same way, contributes to maintaining an optimal thermal equilibrium. In the passageways, it is particularly advantageous to open and close the door at a speed that can reach 0.75m / s; Nevertheless, the opening and closing mechanism is absolutely silent. Last but not least, rolling doors are characterized by a minimum footprint.

Warehouse doors – tips for buying

porte per magazzino - Warehouse doors

How to Choose the Best Closures for Your Warehouse

Choosing the best stockroom door for our business is not a simple task. However, the technology of the Trivellato s.r.l. Comes to our aid, offering us several possible solutions.

The Velo Pack closures

Velo Pack doors are robust fast-packing doors with a simple and functional locking system. For this reason they are particularly suitable for industrial activities. Also, they do not need frequent maintenance.
Velo Pack warehouse doors are available in a variety of models: Atex Velo Pack closures are equipped with a certified technology suitable for transit for high explosive environments; The Pack GD model can be installed on large openings; Carroponte is designed for use in environments with crane passage; The Velo and Flexi Roll doors are equipped with portholes to ensure maximum visibility and are able to adapt to the extremely rigid temperatures in the refrigerating cells.

Sectional, book, REI and flap doors

The sectional doors feature very thick insulated steel panels with vertical sliding hinges. They have a small footprint and ensure quiet operation, which is particularly suitable for civil use (garage, private homes) and industrial (warehouses, loading and unloading points, logistics centers). The book stands stand out to be easily adaptable and robust, while REI devices are fire door fire doors and doors made in accordance with current regulations. They are usually installed near warehouses, warehouses, parking lots and wherever there may be a risk of a fire.
Finally, the flap door allows you to isolate different environments within a building in an easy and cost-effective manner, allowing a fluid transit of goods and personnel.

Crane doors: because they are needed in specific environments

porte carroponte Crane doors

What are the crawler machines?

Crawler machines are typical of certain working environments and have the primary purpose of lifting and transporting goods.
Generally, they are used in particular environments in which they are concerned with the displacement of large quantities of bulky materials and considerable weight. Being characterized by fairly large dimensions, their presence presupposes suitable environments to accommodate them and where they can move easily and with respect to the safety of workers. For this reason, the heights of these environments must also be consonant and appropriate to those which are the movements provided by this type of machinery.

Crane doors

To simplify and facilitate work in environments where this particular type of machine is expected, special crawler doors must be installed, with the primary aim of allowing a simple and easy passage of these machines.
The choice of closures in these environments is particularly important as they should not only serve as divisional dividing walls, but also have the task of simplifying all actions involving continuous displacement of crawler machines.

Suitable solutions

Trivellato offers different types of crane doors to meet the most diverse needs. Specifically, the company offers a type of Velo Pack packing type designed to be inserted into environments where there is a crane, and in cases where larger closures are required, a GD version is available (big dimensions). Trivellato Crawler Doors allow the machine to open open and can be used to divide the spaces inside the environment in which they are placed. Do not underestimate the aesthetic factor: even in this case, the eye wants its part, and the Vive Pack Trivellato Cargo Ports are customizable and available in a wide range of colors.

Velo Pack Big Dimensions

portoni grandi dimensioni -

Solutions for industrial production

In the field of industrial production, especially when it comes to facilitating operations and making any work available more widely, many aspects need to be considered.

Benefits deriving from the application of large doors

In particular, when it comes to large-scale manufacturing, freight transport, and so on, it is very important to evaluate, study and design all possible solutions that can help ease and make production more productive.
Specifically, it is of utmost importance to install adequate closures, especially when it comes to large doors.
In choosing an industrial door, it is good to rely on specialized companies in the industry, the only ones that can guide the choice towards the most appropriate direction for the specific needs that may arise.

To whom to turn

With regard to large closures, Trivellato offers a highly specialized and performing product: Velo Pack GD.
Velo pack is the new and innovative solution created specifically for large compartments and designed for areas where vehicle transit is ongoing throughout the day.
A Velo pack system is equipped with an electrical cabinet that allows the guided operation with a dedicated emergency and blinker system to detect and indicate all the movements of the door itself.
The system is made up of a simple dragging system by means of belts, which allows the installation of this type of closure in any type of fabric.
The automatic opening speed of the door may vary from 0.40 to 0.75 m / s; This average speed has been set up to allow all operations to be carried out in complete safety.
The material from which these closures are generally made is PVC, which gives them the ability to be totally self-extinguishing and flame-retardant, a feature that is of great importance in the industrial production sector.