Freight loading and unloading: the most appropriate solution

Load points are systems designed to make loading and unloading operations more efficient by cooperating with three distinct elements: the isothermal portal, the loading ramp and the sectional door. A point of loading is essentially a linkage facility, within the logistics and logistics management of warehouses and transport, between indoor and outdoor environments, allowing safe and secure loading and unloading operations.

Parts of the loading points

The elements that contribute to forming a loading point play essential and distinct functions. The isothermal or sealing portal, above all, allows the “communication” between warehouse and automezzo; It offers timely and timely shelter to unloading / unloading personnel, while also protecting goods from atmospheric phenomena. In addition, it is able to avoid thermal dispersion between environments. The load ramp connects the floor of the warehouse to the floor of the car, allowing quick and safe goods loading and unloading. It can have a capacity of 6000 or 9000 kg. The sectional door closes the warehouse when no loading or unloading operations are in progress; Can be manual or motorized, and optionally integrated with one or more portholes from which you can observe the movements of the medium.

A safe investment

The loading points of Trivellato Srl are carried out according to high quality standards and in compliance with current regulations. They are equipped with an automatic safety device that can control the drop speed of the ramp when the truck is suddenly removed. The materials used in making these systems, such as rubber, PVC and galvanized steel, are durable and durable. For the color of the thermal portal can be chosen from gray, blue, yellow and cream.