What are the crawler machines?

Crawler machines are typical of certain working environments and have the primary purpose of lifting and transporting goods.
Generally, they are used in particular environments in which they are concerned with the displacement of large quantities of bulky materials and considerable weight. Being characterized by fairly large dimensions, their presence presupposes suitable environments to accommodate them and where they can move easily and with respect to the safety of workers. For this reason, the heights of these environments must also be consonant and appropriate to those which are the movements provided by this type of machinery.

Crane doors

To simplify and facilitate work in environments where this particular type of machine is expected, special crawler doors must be installed, with the primary aim of allowing a simple and easy passage of these machines.
The choice of closures in these environments is particularly important as they should not only serve as divisional dividing walls, but also have the task of simplifying all actions involving continuous displacement of crawler machines.

Suitable solutions

Trivellato offers different types of crane doors to meet the most diverse needs. Specifically, the company offers a type of Velo Pack packing type designed to be inserted into environments where there is a crane, and in cases where larger closures are required, a GD version is available (big dimensions). Trivellato Crawler Doors allow the machine to open open and can be used to divide the spaces inside the environment in which they are placed. Do not underestimate the aesthetic factor: even in this case, the eye wants its part, and the Vive Pack Trivellato Cargo Ports are customizable and available in a wide range of colors.