Solutions for industrial production

In the field of industrial production, especially when it comes to facilitating operations and making any work available more widely, many aspects need to be considered.

Benefits deriving from the application of large doors

In particular, when it comes to large-scale manufacturing, freight transport, and so on, it is very important to evaluate, study and design all possible solutions that can help ease and make production more productive.
Specifically, it is of utmost importance to install adequate closures, especially when it comes to large doors.
In choosing an industrial door, it is good to rely on specialized companies in the industry, the only ones that can guide the choice towards the most appropriate direction for the specific needs that may arise.

To whom to turn

With regard to large closures, Trivellato offers a highly specialized and performing product: Velo Pack GD.
Velo pack is the new and innovative solution created specifically for large compartments and designed for areas where vehicle transit is ongoing throughout the day.
A Velo pack system is equipped with an electrical cabinet that allows the guided operation with a dedicated emergency and blinker system to detect and indicate all the movements of the door itself.
The system is made up of a simple dragging system by means of belts, which allows the installation of this type of closure in any type of fabric.
The automatic opening speed of the door may vary from 0.40 to 0.75 m / s; This average speed has been set up to allow all operations to be carried out in complete safety.
The material from which these closures are generally made is PVC, which gives them the ability to be totally self-extinguishing and flame-retardant, a feature that is of great importance in the industrial production sector.