A long-term investment

Trivellato S.r.l. Dedicates itself to industrial and civil closures without forgetting the passion and enthusiasm of the beginnings. The wide range of offers gives the customer the choice of product that suits their needs: both large and small and medium sized businesses require a different type of closure, appropriate to the size of the construction and the various types of services offered to public. Sectional doors are the perfect solution for closure of warehouses, storage centers, loading / unloading points, moving media environments, and all industrial logistic realities.

Sectional doors: utility and practicality at 360 °

Even small businesses with available warehouses and consequent supplies of materials and merchandise need a door model that allows access to the premises with as little space as possible: Vertical sliding sectional doors reach the set goals. The need for wide openings increases if the company is large in size, resulting in increased traffic of personnel and vehicles. Only after targeted on-site inspection, Trivellato specialists can design in-doors and realize 3D computer rendering (rendering) graphics to show to the customer along with an interesting customized quote.

Strong structures with an eye to aesthetics

The sectional door is made up of the mantle, the balancing helicoidal springs located in the arches and the sliding guides provided with gaskets. The horizontal panels that make up the mantle are often insulated steel, which guarantees excellent thermal insulation and an appreciable resistance to temperature fluctuations. The hinged panels run smoothly and smoothly in parallel to the walls with solid wheels, while sealing is on the floor and in the lintel. The sectional door moves manually or automatically at a distance: everything is done safely and with the least possible environmental impact. The constant technical installation and maintenance of the technical team guarantees functionality and durability over time. It guarantees Trivellato, an important sign in the industry of state-of-the-art industrial closures.