What are the fast Quick rolling doors?

Quick rolling doors, also known as Velo Roll doors, are a practical and innovative solution that is based on the winding of a towel around a support tube. Compared to previous generation Quick rolling doors compared to these, Velo Roll doors offer superior performance, particularly in terms of functionality and insulation. These doors can integrate a series of portholes, also distributed over multiple files, allowing excellent visuals from the inside to the outside environment and vice versa. Finally, using a specific insulation, quick-rolling doors can also be inserted even under low temperature conditions, up to -25 ° C. Velo Roll doors are built according to UNI EN 13241-1: 2001.

Which contexts do you use?

The versatility of the fast rolling system allows you to use the Velo Roll doors in the most diverse contexts. This solution is taken into account above all for industries and warehouses; At the same time, thanks to its specific features, a quick-rolling door can be inserted inside workshops and car wash. In general, Velo Roll doors are the ideal solution when you need to isolate an environment but not much space.

What are the benefits?

Quick rolling doors allow you to protect the indoor environment from pollution, specifically from the acoustic and atmospheric conditions. The Velo Roll hatch covers, in the same way, contributes to maintaining an optimal thermal equilibrium. In the passageways, it is particularly advantageous to open and close the door at a speed that can reach 0.75m / s; Nevertheless, the opening and closing mechanism is absolutely silent. Last but not least, rolling doors are characterized by a minimum footprint.