Sectional doors

The sectional doors are equipped with a solid closure, made of thick, insulated steel with hinged sliding doors. Among their peculiarities are the thermal insulation capacity, reduced space, silence and extreme versatility of use. The installation of these industrial industrial doors, in fact, is possible both in the light and on the outside of the compartment. Lifting is ensured by a complex twist-spring system and its use is protected by a double safety device that prevents the wear.
Sectional doors are used in locks for garages, private residences, warehouses, logistic centers and loading and unloading points. At customer’s discretion, these industrial industrial doors can be made either manually or remotely.

I take the book to you

Bookcases are equipped with a particularly robust closure and adaptable to any kind of environment, as well as one or more windows for the purpose of giving greater visibility from the inside.
The doors are made up of two galvanized steel sheets, as well as the internal structure; The brushes, on the other hand, are made of PVC and EPDM rubber gaskets. Bookcases are locks suitable for different types of warehouses and buildings.

The REI ports

REI doors are certified fire proofs and fire resistant REI 60/120/180. REI ports are required by law in all environments where there is a risk of fire: they are usually installed near stands, warehouses, car parks, warehouses and industries.
Each door is provided with three hinges: one of them contains a spring for self-closing. REI doors are made to high safety standards, regulated by UNI 9723 and the Ministerial Decree of 14/12/1993.