What are

The strip curtains are flexible closures in transparent PVC with support comb galvanized or stainless steel, which allows the oscillation of 90 ° in both directions to facilitate all types of transit. Each strip is individually applied to facilitate subsequent maintenance and replacement operations.
This type of industrial closure is expressly designed to separate one from the other environment where it is necessary a continuous and smooth movement of people, materials, equipment or vehicles, from industrial to food sector.

Advantages of strip curtains

The striped awnings in Trivellato Srl PVC are an efficient system of thermal insulation, acoustic and even hygiene among staff passageways, such as those of supermarkets. The latter represent a typical field of use of the product, which acts as a barrier between the various sales departments and the accompanying technical laboratories (butcher, fish, etc.). Despite the effect of separation between an environment and the other, the transparency of the PVC allows to maintain excellent levels of brightness and visibility; the high flexibility of the material also allows quick and easy passage of people, vehicles and goods. The striped awnings, yet does not require special maintenance, low temperatures are durable and extremely resistant, shock and abrasion.

Applications and colors available

The curtains in PVC strips are the best solution for different types of industrial and commercial environments. Places like warehouses, laboratories, food industries are considered among the main product application areas, particularly suitable for places where it is necessary to maintain low temperatures. In addition to the smoothness of personal passages and merchandise, these tents are also attractive from an aesthetic point of view, and give consumers a chance to look over the retail space to ensure their “transparency” of the processing of goods. They are produced with flexible transparent PVC, white, gray RAL 7040 or other colors extruded with rounded corners.