An all-Italian technology

Compared to the standard, the new Atex speed folding doors are the result of numerous studies and experiments carried out in collaboration with members of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee, which enabled their implementation in accordance with European Directive 94/9 / EC on the safety of environments potentially explosive. Studied in order to solve problems due to fast and continuous transits, these ports are designed so that they can work well in both saturated gas environments, both in saturated dust environments, eliminating all or most of the possible risks.

Why install Atex doors?

This product is proposed by the Trivellato for all kinds of industrial environments where there may be potentially explosive gas or dust. Equipped with a fast and efficient locking system, it allows you to completely isolate the environment at risk from the rest of the building, minimizing the potential risks due to the production, or the presence in the production process, explosive substances. In addition, it is ideal for environments such as laboratories, where there is a continuous and intensive passage of goods and people and where it is necessary that the doors work well and without the need for special maintenance.

The advantages of the new Atex doors

This new type of speed folding doors, developed through a technology and certified according to European directives, represents the highest level of security for at-risk of explosion due to the presence of gas or dust environments. The resistant and robust materials used allow an intensive and continuous use of this type of window, ensuring at all times an absolute reliability and a closing speed that prevents the spread of potentially explosive gases and powders. Also the fact that they are not necessary building work or ground facilities allows its inclusion in any building and working environment. A further advantage is given by the possibility of inserting transparent panels that allow both the passage of light that the control of the part of the assigned personnel environments.