Functionality, practicality and safety

These are the fundamental characteristics that must necessarily possess an industrial closure. Through the use of advanced technologies, Trivellato srl is able to guarantee to each customer tailor-made industrial fasteners, perfect for various uses. The technical office doors production company is on hand to answer all the needs, being able to realize also – on request – a graphic rendering of the final result.

Production doors and installation on-site in Italy and abroad

Garage, industrial and commercial premises warehouses, a catalog of doors and closures is extremely rich and varied. The technical team of the company – with many years of experience – is ready to deliver turnkey an almost “perfect industrial closure”, all in compliance with rules on safety and environmental protection. The competent staff of the company is also involved, of all the installation of the product, both in Italy and abroad. Depending on the physical characteristics of the destination port of the industrial site, they are used specially equipped means. Even in the case where the customer wants to ensure themselves to assembly of the product, the company can make available to an attendant to provide assistance on site.

In case of problems

Drilled Ltd. provides after-sales service in the event of a malfunction or inconvenience up to 4 hours after installation of the closure. Still, to ensure that industrial closure could last as long as possible – in spite of wear and weather – it is important to agree with the manufacturer scheduled maintenance, to be performed in compliance with the characteristics of the product and of the places where he was installed. And when replacements are necessary, it is vital to use only genuine replacement parts sold by the company itself.