Innovation throughout Italian

The Italian ingenuity and creativity are known and loved around the world. The world of industry, both at the level of large multinational companies and at the level of small and medium-sized enterprises, requires rapid, advanced machinery and solutions adaptable to different fields of application. Drilled S.r.l is characterized by the constant search for new answers to the structural needs of the industry. The design and construction of various types of industrial doors is one of its strengths. High speed doors fold up doors are an interesting innovation to be taken into consideration as are suitable for any type of environment or manufactured even with large rooms and environments containing potentially explosive atmosphere.

Doors packing robust and durable

Designed to store, composting plants and any type of buildings requiring rapid closure system, the doors to packaging allow the transit of vehicles safely and with a minimum control. The mantle is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they are sturdy and durable, equipped with fire retardant properties and highly resistant to extreme environmental conditions. The advantages of these closures are numerous: they are motorized, equipped with two or more transparent portholes files according to the wishes of the customer, highly customizable, they can be controlled from the control cabinet or via multiple control devices and last but not least, easy installation.

Avant-garde and worker protection

An example of efficiency and safety are the closures Velo Pack Atex. Until recently, the motorized doors were difficult to install in Atex environments as the electric part was obstacle for safety; The doors fold-Velo Pack Atex are designed to solve the problem and allow the closure of high-explosive environments: The term refers to two Atex safety regulations of the European Community which establish precise parameters for the realization of industrial components in the presence gas, mists and dusts unstable. Even with large rooms, very large buildings or bridge crane, you have suitable closures equipped, if necessary, by two powerplants. Attention to detail and final finishing is also visible in the palette of vibrant colors offered to the attention of the buyer.